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              The Doege and Thaker labs in the Division of Molecular Genetics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Scientist with expertise in stem cell biology and/or neurobiology to study the molecular genetics of novel obesity variants. Our work focuses on identifying rare genetic variants in children and adults with severe obesity using next generation sequencing, and its validation in patient-specific pluripotent stem cell derived neuronal models. Dr. Doege is a stem-cell biologist and Dr. Thaker is a pediatric endocrinologist with expertise in computational biology. Together, we are able to take problems from the bedside to bench and bring the therapies back to the bedside. The eligible condidate will have exposure to cutting edge technologies including stem cell biology, single cell and bulk RNAsequencing as well as clinical research in humans.

              The eligible candidate will join a highly interactive and collaborative research team that works on creation and molecular characterization of mutation-specific human stem cell-derived hypothalamic neurons. The project will focus on identifying RNAexpression profile of patient specific hypothalamic neurons intersecting with whole genome sequencing data to identify functional changes giving rise to extreme human phenotype. The postdoctoral candidate should have a strong interest in human stem cell biology and/or neurobiology. Previous expertise and/or interest in stem cell biology, next-gen sequencing technologies, and genomics is preferred, but not necessary. Motivation, strong interpersonal and communication skills including fluency in spoken and written English and excellence in scientific rigor is valued more than previous field of study. Advanced degree in Biological Sciences such as PhD or MD/PhD is required. The candidate will benefit from an interdisciplinary and collegial environment at Columbia and the vibrant and supportive atmosphere of a junior lab. Salary is competitive based on qualifications.

              Applicants should send curriculum vitae, statement of interest, and contact information for three references to:

              Claudia Doege



              Vidhu Thaker


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