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              來 源:科學人才網

              Postdoctoral researcher

              Ghent University


              100% of your assignment will be spent on academic research.

              The aim of your research is to deepen our understanding of the intricate gene regulatory network controlling the final stages of programmed cell death (PCD) in the root cap of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

              Focusing on transcription factors, you will identify novel key regulators of root cap PCD, and functionally analyze them in detail. You will achieve this by combining single-cell transcriptome profiling with forward and reverse genetics. Advanced cell biology and live cell imaging will be a central part of this project to characterize the functions of the identified transcription factors in root cap PCD.


              You hold a thesis-based doctorate (obtained max. 6 years ago. This term of 6 years is determined by the date written on the above-mentioned required diploma), in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology, biology, or bioscience engineering

              You have experience with molecular plant biology and genetics. You have experience with CRISPR/Cas9.

              You have experience with the design of T-DNA vectors and with DNA sequencing methods.

              You have a good understanding of molecular-biology methods.

              You have outstanding skills in plant cell biology and microscopic imaging of plant cells.

              You have excellent communication and writing skills and are a good team player.

              WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU

              We offer you a contract of definite duration for the period of 1 year.

              Your contract will start on 18/10/2022 at the earliest.

              Your remuneration will be determined by salary scale PD1 to PD4. Click here for more information about our salary scales.

              All Ghent University staff members enjoy a number of benefits, such as a wide range of training and education opportunities, 36 days of holiday leave (on an annual basis for a full-time job) supplemented by annual fixed bridge days, bicycle allowance and eco vouchers. Click here for a complete overview of all the staff benefits (in Dutch).


              Apply online through the e-recruitment systembefore the application deadline (see above). We do not accept late applications or applications that are not submitted through the online system.

              Your application must include the following documents:

              In the field ‘CV' : your CV and an overview of your study results (merged into one pdf file)

              In the field ‘Cover letter' : your application letter in pdf format

              In the field ‘Diploma' : a transcript of the required degree (if already in your possession). If you have a foreign diploma in a language other than our national languages (Dutch, French or German) or English, please add a translation in one of the mentioned languages.

              Note that the maximum file size for each field is 10 MB.

              MORE INFORMATION

              For more information about this vacancy, please contact prof. Nowack (Moritz.Nowack@UGent.be, +32 (0)9/3313852).

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