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              德國-歐洲X射線自由電子激光設施( European XFEL) 項目2022年招聘博士后職位

              來 源:科學人才網

              Post-Doctoral Scientist for Experiments with femtosecond IR/VIS/UV-pulses

              European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility

              The position

              Working closely with the instrument scientists at FXE, the successful candidate will investigate ultrafast processes in matter using femtosecond pulses in the IR/VIS/UV region with the goal to develop and apply advanced instrumentation tools that facilitate the setup of future pump-probe experiments. The specific tasks are:

              Develop a set of diagnostics tools and -methods that facilitate establishing experimental conditions for femtosecond IR/VIS/UV-optical pump, X-ray probe experiments.

              Refine the operation principle of these diagnostics tools based on the candidate's clear scientific understanding of the process following femtosecond X-ray excitation.

              Develop, maintain and operate a setup to perform all-optical femtosecond pump-probe Transient Absorption and Reflection Spectroscopy using the IR/VIS/UV-pulses as excitation to study light-induced effects in matter, following the candidate's research profile and interests.

              Support the FXE instrument operation actively, in particular in all aspects of the use, maintenance and development of the advanced excitation sources and diagnostics.


              PhD degree in physics or in a related discipline

              Proven hands-on experience working with femtosecond lasers and with the design, assembly and alignment of optical setups

              Proven experience with scientific data reduction using Python, Matlab or similar tools

              Experience with femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in the IR/VIS/UV regions and/or experience with THz radiation is an asset

              Work experience at a large-scale user facility is considered an asset

              Highly motivated for independent research involving instrumentation and methodology development

              Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary team, with English as the working language. Knowledge of German is considered an asset

              For additional information, please contact Dr. Chris Milne (christopher.milne@xfel.eu) or Dr. Peter Zalden (peter.zalden@xfel.eu) .

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