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              Postdoctoral Researcher In Climate Change And Natural Hazards

              King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


              King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Postdoc Positions:

              Physical Science and Engineering Division (postdoc): Earth Science and Engineering (postdoc)


              King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

              Open Date

              Jul 31, 2022


              We are seeking a creative and ambitious postdoctoral researcher to undertake impactful research in the areas of natural hazard early warning and climate change impact assessment.

              The position is based in Prof. Hylke Beck's newly formed research group within the Climate and Livability Initiative (CLI) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

              The candidate will focus on one or more of the following topics:

              monitoring and forecasting of natural hazards such as flash floods, heat waves, and dust storms by combining space-based data, in-situ measurements, and modeling;

              high-resolution digital surface model generation in urban areas using aerial and satellite imagery;

              large-scale flood inundation modeling and hazard mapping using computationally-efficient machine learning models;

              regional convection-permitting numerical weather prediction modeling for climate change assessment and weather warning operations; and

              water-food-energy nexus assessment and streamlining adaptation and mitigation policies and measures.

              The candidate is expected to initiate, develop, and deliver high-quality research, publish in leading peer-reviewed journals, present at international conferences, help develop research proposals, supervise graduate students, and attend lab meetings.

              Located on the Red Sea 80 km north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, KAUST is an international graduate-level research university. KAUST offers state-of-the- art research facilities, including one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, and an attractive tax-free compensation package, including free fully- furnished on-campus housing, four weeks of paid annual leave (in addition to 15 national holidays), health care (medical and dental), relocation assistance, and free education at KAUST international schools for children. The appointment is for one year and will be renewed for up to three years, based on performance.


              Preference will be given to candidates with a strong publication record and proven experience in Python programming, source code versioning and management, cloud computing, machine learning, big data analytics, and climate, hydrological, or hydrodynamic modeling.

              Application Instructions

              Applications must be submitted to Prof. Hylke Beck.

              A complete application includes the following materials:

              curriculum vitae including a list of publications;

              cover letter briefly describing your research experience and interests;

              contact information of at least three references (who will not be contacted until after the interview);

              a sample of your own original code.

              A review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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